FAQ | Addiction Dance

What do I wear to class?

Some people dress casual: jeans, T-shirts and others dress up. You will get warm so wear something cool or have a layer you can take off. Wear comfortable shoes, ideally with a leather sole. If in doubt about your shoes, bring along a spare pair.

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is a smooth, stylish partner dance that looks great and feels fantastic and has a distinctive elastic look. With West Coast Swing you learn step patterns and smooth dance techniques.

West Coast Swing is the fastest growing dance style in the world. It can be danced to the kind of music you hear on the radio – Chart, Nightclub, Soul, R&B and Soul. This partner dance can be danced anywhere.

When can I start?

You can start any Modern Jive and West Coast Swing beginners class any time.  A new routine is taught in each class each night. So you can also do any beginners class each week (or do more than one).
There’s no need to book or phone ahead –
just turn up.

What is Modern Jive?

Modern Jive is the easiest partner dance to learn, if you can walk you can Modern Jive, even if you have two left feet! It’s a fusion of lots of dance styles making it a fun partner dance which can be danced to the kind of  music you hear on the radio – Chart, Nightclub, Soul, R&B.

This is a partner dance that you can dance at parties, nightclubs, weddings, bars in town, or just about anywhere where there’s music and space to move!

Do I need to bring a partner?

No partner required!  Of course, you are welcome to bring a partner, but we swap everyone around during class. Rotating allows you to progress much faster than you would if you stay with the same partner for the whole class.  It also means it doesn’t matter if on a given night there’s not even numbers, extra people only ever wait out for one turn (maximum of about a minute). 

How do classes work?

We will teach you one ‘move’ at a time, stepping you through the moves and having lots of music on for you to practice. Generally you will learn three or four moves in a beginners class. Often some experienced dancers attend the beginners classes, this really helps new dancers to learn and  improve with an experienced partner.

What dance experience do I need?

None! We are glad to welcome people with no dance experience. We will have you dancing on your first night, that’s a promise. If you do have some dance experience, please let us know!

How many people go along?

Heaps!  There can be anything from 20 to 80 people, depending on the night and so there’s a real buzz in our classes. Everyone’s friendly, it’s heaps of fun and easy to learn (and of course the music’s great too!)

What is freestyle?

We have freestyle time after every class, every night so there’s plenty of time to put your moves into practice. There are also regular parties you can attend to practice and enjoy the dancing.

When can I move to the next level?

Everyone’s progress can be different and there are guidelines. Please talk to our teachers when you feel you might be ready to progress to the next level.  We love seeing people improve in their dancing and the progression guidelines keep everyone challenged, as well as safe and confident. We also run a number of limited-participant workshops specifically targeted at different aspects of dancing to help you get better, faster.

How much does it cost?

We know that getting started can sometimes be the hardest step to take when it comes to dancing so we make it easy for you with simple payment options and discounted class passes. Eftpos is available at all of our classes and events.

5 night passes: $60, adult | $40, Student (pass has a 3 - 4 month expiry)

8 night passes: $96, adult | $64, Student (pass has up to a 6 month expiry)

Or $15 per class | $10, student

We recommend 10 beginner classes before moving up to the next level, the Improver class. Some people require more classes, some less. Please make sure you talk with one of our teachers before moving up.